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Eu acredito que para certas pessoas é mais fácil assim

The Americans had come and came with that air that the Americans assume when they visit small farms, mandatados to fiscalize them and to americanizar the order of given pedinchões to give the grommet for diplomas in foreigner passed by foreigners.
The American whom he ordered was black, or better, much chestnut. He had forty and such years, as I. He was of my height, but leaner: let us say that if I it of this five kilos we were the both happyest ones, excepto it.
They are interesting, the Americans. They do not want nothing in the walls, because of the embryos. Nor flowers. E is donkeys.

“As it is that I know that you do not deceive yourself, that this drug - let us assume - is same for me? ”, it asked.
“He is fodido. Vai to have to trust me. If it thinks that I go it to prove very I am deceived, knows”.
“Then I do not know, certain”. The chestnut was in the seven fifth.
“Certain. You do not know.”
“And then? I want to know. That I make to know”.
“Páre everything, if does not treat, refuses, opens an inquiry. E if I will have deceived in its drug fuck me. But, for the time being, he goes myself to foder”.
“But I do not know, therefore not? If this drug was for me, as it would know, hem”. It started to be irritated, I thought. E said everything to it.
“It would know; because the bottle of the drug would have a label where drug for caralho of the American would be written “who comes of the Burkina Fasso of the Health to cagar ece of fishes of fished in a small farm where has pictures in the walls and flowers in the cantos of the room of treatments, but where in them we only deceive a time after the Americans if deceiving two”. “Everything Would say this there”. He was purple. Made blue chestnut.
“Yes. E repairs that it would say only this there because we are educated”.

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